17 February 2011


hi guys.. lemme start of like this... as much as i want to pursue our dream job (flying) i would need to work in a different line of business. i just received three job offers and one of those is from JPMorgan Chase & Co. i already accepted the offer, and will start training soon. i am not giving up on the career that we all want. it's just that i needed to do this for me to grow, too. i'm not fed up in trying. i will still fly. i just felt that it has been 1 whole year since i started applying, and some results weren't good. i got rejected because of my age, status or because i already have a kid. see, it's not easy to get the job. some say it's like winning a beauty pageant or contest. some say it's more than a reality tv show. we need to be persevered and really really patient. flying would still be my one true love. and i know in time i'd still be up there serving coffee or tea. as for all you guys who dreams of flying, fly, fly high!! we'll all see each other soon.

i'd still try to post job openings for airlines local & international here so just keep on checkin my site. i'm sorry for not responding on comments one by one.. i hope i could manage to answer all your queries.

God bless us all!! i wish yáll good luck in your applications!!

~dee :)

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