23 August 2010

2nd attempt for QR


arrived the hotel at around 7:30 and the room was half-filled already.. had 4 ro's. at exactly 9am, they started collecting the cv's. i had the left most filipina ro. when it was already my turn to submit my cv, i greeted her a good morning.. she was already looking at me from head to foot from the time i stood up from my chair on my way to go to her table.. she smiled, got my cv.. asked me if im currently employed,i said yes maam.. then she asked me what job? i answered her "i work as a customer service rep in Baguio city, then she smiled and said.. so you traveled all the way to Manila, just to attend the OD? i proudly said yes maam, then smiled back. then she wrote something in my cv and said.. alright okae, thank you.. i just said it was nice to meet her, smiled then walked away..

after the od, i together with a pex friend went to 7/11 to buy water then went to baclaran church to light some candles and pray.. we separated ways after visiting the church.. i've decided to offer some eggs to st clare in katipunan, so from there i took an LRT ride and went straight ahead to st clare's.

i was so sleepy and tired. so i went home and took some nap. i set my phone to the loudest volume just so i could hear the call... came 4pm, i invited my friends to go swimming coz i was already worrying if i would receive the call or not.. we went to a small pool resort.. i was having so much fun that i already forgot about the time and the call i was waiting for.. it was already 7pm, so i checked my phone and saw nothing.. zero missed calls nor messages.. by that time i already knew that i didn't make it. i felt bad at first but i accepted the rejection wholeheartedly. i know that, that experience would add to build up my personality and self confidence. "charge to experience!!"
im not giving up. still holding on to my dream. our dream. i know.. it will come.. :)

Being defeated is often a temporary condition. 
Giving up is what makes it permanent.

19 August 2010

2 days before the 21st

today is the 1st day of my leave from the office. since i had nothing to do the whole day..... um.. what?? i knew i have to look for a corpo suit & to have my pictures taken, but since i felt like i have to stay at home and rest, i did not go out. i've decided to do everything tomorrow morning before i leave for Manila. Anyways, I wanted to share my weird dream every morning. yes i sleep in the morning, because working in a call center means "good morning moon" and "goodnight sunshine".. even in the office, during my "lunch time" when i sleep, i get to see the same dream over and over.. believe me or not, i hate waking up!! why? in my dream i see myself in the airport with a luggage bag, wearing uniform, greeting everyone & gorgeously smiling at them. doing the safety procedures on board the aircraft and all that. oh my gaaa.... at least in my dreams huh?? :P well, i always have butterflies in my stomach every time i think about it, and attending the QR OD for the second time, scares me a bit. it's just good to know that i have my pex family behind me, win or lose. they're very inspiring. knowing that even flight attendants who actually were FA wannabes before share their stories, weather or not they made it the first try or got in the 12th, 13th 14th try.. amazing huh? i realized it's not really about beauty & brains. being a flight attendant is not like joining the miss universe, you get in and in a snap someone passes the crown. it's about experience, ability, character.. you're not just there to smile, greet, and wave at people. you are there to save their lives during an emergency. be a firefighter. a nurse. a servant.. and whenever i see my friends flying already, looking at their pictures from different places. keeps me holding on to this dream, believing that one day, my turn will come, i'm not rushing things. i know that God will give it to me if he really wants me to be there. i'm keeping the faith. 

I WILL FLY. coz i dream high, the sky's the limit. :)

now do me a favor, please pray for me? & p.s. good luck to those who'll attend the OD on the 21st. let's do this okae? let's Fly. see y'all there. :)


15 August 2010

staying positive..

qr od in 6 days.. i am excited and nervous at the same time. i don't know why i always feel butterflies in my stomach whenever i think about qr. sheeeshh!! here it goes again.. o_O

anyway, just writing off so i could motivate myself more.. i just knew that some of my pex friends, blogmates received their email from qatar airways already asking them to undergo the medical examinations. i hope i could fast forward everything and see that email in my inbox, too!! btw, congratulations to those who made it. i WILL be there in a few.. well.. hopefully. :) reading their success stories are so heartmelting. :) very inspiring as well. i hope every flight attendant wannabe, like me, would have their own success story, too. let's hope and continue dreaming okae? i know.. it will come, in God's perfect time. as for now, id just take it one day at a time. let's be  positive on this.. remember what jboy always says? THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.


09 August 2010

gotta fly away!

Just sharing..

Got to fly away
Got to fly away

Since I was a little girl,
I knew what I wanted
One day I would see the world
And make my mark on it
Put in time, sacrificed,
Never thought of thinking twice
Since I was a little girl I dreamed
Now I'm standing with you in this terminal
With a ticket so far from your love

Can I have one more kiss, one more touch
I just can't get enough of you
But I'm in a rush I got to fly away
Planes waiting up for me right at gate twenty-three
There's a doorway to my dreams
I could go or I could stay
Should I change my life or miss my flight?

My alarm clock in the morning said you got to go now
The breakfast you were calling
And my heart just broke down
Cause tomorrow we will be waking up separately
Wish I never heard that clock ring
See I don't want to win if my hearts got to lose
So how in the world do I choose?

I just need one more kiss, one more touch
I just can't get enough of you
But I'm in a rush I got to fly away (fly away)
Planes waiting up for me right at gate twenty-three
There's a doorway to my dreams
I could go or I could stay
Should I change my life or miss my flight?
(Should I change my life or miss my flight?)

How can you measure the promise of love
When it's weighing against a chance that comes once
How can I leave when I know he's the one
When the dust settles he might not be here
And I'm standing with you in this terminal
Crying my eyes out in tears

I just need one more kiss, one more touch
I just can't get enough of you
But I'm in a rush I got to fly away (fly away)
Planes waiting up for me right at gate twenty-three
There's a doorway to my dreams
I could go or I could stay
Should I change my life or miss my flight?
Should I change my life or miss my flight? (What do I do?)
Fly away (um)
Got to fly away, I got to fly away

one day, some day... imma make a music video using this song. :) it inspires me a lot!! :) 

06 August 2010

Zd turns 1!!

i can't believe it!! time really flies soo fast.. i could remember the days when i was pregnant and eagerly waiting for her to come out, and now, she's turning 1. :) im just sooo proud of her. :) at the back of my mind, i'm thinking weather or not to go @ QR's OD.. should i? or should i not? haha! i'm just so scared to be rejected again.. sure, i know it's a one in a million chance.. but WHAT IF?? that's the killer question. oh well, it's been two years since i dreamed of kissing the sky.. is it time for me to try again? my situation is really confusing yeah? it's just so hard to resist it, especially when you always see the signs!!

help me decide okae? xo

03 August 2010

cabin crew hiring!!

flight attendant wanna be? why not give it a try?!

 OPEN DAY cv submission
21 August 2010 / 9:00am - 12:00pm
*wanna have an idea how much people go there? read my previous post title's my QR experience. good luck!! :)

here's the link to their website: click me! (qr website)