21 January 2011

my blogs 1st year aniv

oooookay, my blog's now 1 year old. how time flies!! so many things happened in 2010, some are good and some are.. well, not so good. so what am i up to this 2011?? hmm.. i'm still workin out to get the job that i want. you all know what i'm talkin about. i have attended QR od's but wasn't able to get the "golden call".. but still i am not givin up on this. i'm still young and i know in God's perfect time, he'll give me this. 

let's look at my 2010 highlights!

my mom, daughter and I went to Cebu, Philippines. twas a great way to start summer.  

i was employed as an executive officer for a call center.

my daughter celebrated her 1st birthday. 
i also resigned from the call center. haha! no more avaya's for me.

my family, (mom, dad, brother, sis-in-law together with my 5month old neice, Alexandria and my daughter Zadie) went to visit my soldia-boy brother in Davao, Philippines.

i celebrated my birthday & hubby's birthday in Manila. soooo little time, but we had fun.
we also had a family reunion in Batangas.

Christmas in Baguio City with just mom and brothers.
then new year with MY OWN family at Cagayan De Oro City. :)

soooo there, not so much travelling for the year but at least i was able to be in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

looking forward to more this 2011. cheers!!

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